Color Off

100 ml. + 100 ml. + 50 ml.
REF. 53.15.0
Oxidizing and Activating Pigment Reducer.

Pigment reducer formulated to eliminate oxidized and activated pigments. Eliminates black! The acid medium where COLOR OFF works ensures the integrity of the hair and helps to the closing of the cuticle. The new formula with ALKALINE SHAMPOO allows to eliminate the reduced pigments residues which may remain in the hair after the mixture application.


COLOR OFF achieves to eliminate oxidized and activated pigments.


Solution 1A+1B • Bamboo and Coconut Extracts and Gingko Biloba: Plant Extracts of moisturizing, hydrating and regenerative properties which promote flexibility and elasticity to hair. Alkaline Shampoo: • Kiwi and Wine Extract: Natural Extracts of anti-oxidant action which protect the capillary cells during the treatment.