Compact Bleach

500 Gr.
REF. 08.03.0
Compact Powdered Bleach

Compact Powdered Bleach with a pleasant fragrance and easy to apply. It decolours gradually up to 5-6 tones facilitating the control of an uniform bleaching. It does not inflate. Ecological refill available and easy to store.


COMPACT BLEACH lightens gradually up to 5-6 tones.


• The Corn Oil Extract (Zea Mayz) protects the scalp. • Potasium Persulphate, Sodium Persulphate and Ammonia Persulphate are heavily bleaching oxidants which decolour the melanin pigments. • The Cyclodextrine protects the skin and avoid irritations. It gives a pleasant smell and helps to make the powder compact. • The blue pigment helps to eliminate completely the unwanted yellow shades.