Elite Classic Color

60 ml.
REF. 51.00.0
Hair oxidising Coloring cream.

Full range of chromatic oxidising Colors with improved formula for brighter and shinier results. Intensive conditioning and moisturising action for hair and scalp protection. Color tone fidelity. Excellent grey hair coverage and wonderful super-lighteners. Mix ratio 1:1. SUPERLIGHTENERS: 1+1½


ELITE CLASSIC COLOR provides excellent coverage of gray hair, giving an homogeneous result and providing the hair with a natural shine.


• “Collagenic Mosturizing System”: Composed of White Beeswax and Hydrolyzed Collagen, natural extracts that condition and give elasticity to the hair and the scalp. • Aloe Vera: Gives extra moisture to the hair, leaving it shinier and softer. • Chamomile Extract and Alpha Bisabolol: Reinforce scalp protection minimizing the risk of itching.