Hair Touch

300 ml.
REF. 03.21.0
Ecological Extra-strong hold Lacquer

Non-gas-propelled, ecological strong hold lacquer. Does not make hair lank or greasy. Moisturizes and gives vitality to hair. Does not affect the environment. Recommended for people with respiratory problems.


Fix the hair without giving it weight.


• VA/Crotonates/Vinyl Neodecanoate Copolymer: Fixing resin which ensures shine, flexibility and manageability to hair. • Keratin: Main component of the hair fibre and the skin. Helps to restructure the hair. • D-Panthenol: it is the Pro-vitamin B5. Penetrates into dry and damaged hair moisturizing it. Prevents split ends and smoothes the cuticle. Gives shine to hair. • Benzophenone-3: Sun filter. Good UV-A and UV-B absorption.