Keracid Proteinas Marinas

250 ml.
REF. 01.13.0
Instant Biphasic Leave-in Conditioner with Marine Proteins

Instant two-phase conditioner recommended for thick and frizzy hair difficult to moisturize. Doesn't make hair lank or greasy. High nourishing and moisturizing power. Non-rinse.


Instant conditioner without rinsing.


• Ciclometicone: Emollient and conditioner. Reduces the sensation of stickiness. Lubricates and adds shine to the hair fiber. • Cetrimonium Chloride: Fast hair penetration conditioner. • Hydrolized actin: helps to retain water. • Manitol and Carrageenan: Moisturisers extracted from marine algae. • Keratin: Substantive to the hair structure.