Loción Anticaspa Dermoequilibrante

125 ml.
REF. 09.36.0
Scalp antidandruff dermobalancing lotion

Lotion designed to treat scalps with dry and oily dandruff. Formulated with a fungicidal and antibacterial active that attacks the dandruff fungus. Incorporates a grease regulator that helps to balance the sebaceous secretion. It contributes to eliminate the dead cells, and has an astringent action. Parabens free.


A clean and balanced scalp.


• Piroctone Olamine: Anti-fungal and anti microbial that acts to preserve the scalp. Prevents hair loss caused by microbial agents. • Capigen: It has a regulatory effect on the metabolism of fats, in dry hair stimulates the secretion of sebum, and in oily hair reduces the secretion of sebum. Improves vascular circulation. Fights dandruff and stimulates hair growth. • AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids) are natural acids which come from fruits such as apples, grapes, kiwi, etc., and milk and lactic acid. They are exfoliants that helps to eliminate the dead layers of the skin, eliminating dandruff and grease excess. • Lemon Extract: Obtained directly by lemon hydrolysis. It has astringent effect and also acts as a natural exfoliant