Piction XL

100 ml.
REF. 52.00.0
Hair color cream

PICTION XL HAIR COLOR CREAM has been created considering this saying of harmony and ionic balance present in nature, which provide to the eye of the beholder the incomparable brightness, intensity and luminosity. PICTION XL HAIR COLOR CREAM is the result of a technological development stoichiometrically balanced which gives a texture and a harmonic coverage of our environment, achieving an excellent effect.


Materials interact by covalent bonds, that is to say, sharing their resources and needs at each moment to work together, and we have as a result the most balanced, bright and luminous colour.


• Honey: Natural sugars contained in honey provide moisturizing and conditioning to the hair. Presents photo protection effect that helps to extend the colour duration. Antioxidant properties that fight and neutralize harmful free radicals, protecting hair from aging. • Keratin: Main component of the hair fibre and the skin. Helps to restructure the hair. • Grape seed oil and Ginkgo Biloba: Rich combination of polyphenols containing a high percentage of natural flavonoids acts as an antioxidant that promotes lasting color, protecting it from environmental factors: Free Radicals Smog UV Ray, and others • Alpha-Bisabolol: Extracted from Chamomile has a soothing and anti-inflammatory function. Reinforces scalp protection minimizing the risk of itching.