Potion 423 Fixing Cream

100 ml.
REF. 02.48.0
Strong Hold Matte Effect Potion

Strong hold matte effect cream Lotion. Formulated with Candelilla Wax, an emollient active that works as a natural moisturizing barrier. It’s perfect for disheveled and informal styles.


A fixed hair just as you like it.


• Candelilla Wax: Plant extract wax. Film forming, emollient and moisturizer. • Polvinil Pirrilidona (PvP):Setting polymer. Film forming. • Microcrystalline Wax: Setting and opalescent wax. • Glycerin: Hydrating and moisturizing plant extract. • Paraffin: Substance of mineral origin, emollient and moisturizer. • PEG Hydrogenated Castor Oil-40: Emulsifier that makes easier the water product removal.