Hair Spray Instantanium

500 ml.
REF. 03.19.1
Instant Strong-hold Hair Spray

Dry instant, strong hold, directional finishing hair spray. An instant effect with long-lasting hold and support to your finished style. It remains workable thanks to its flexible resins. Ideal to give volume at the roots. A light, natural, fruity fragrance for a clean, fresh sensation.


Hair with a flexible fixing.


• Phenyltrimeticone: Dry effect shining silicone. It brightens the hair without causing greasy effect. This distributes evenly creating an environmentally protective surface. • Aloe Barbadensis: Natural Aloe Vera extract. Moisturizing agent with smoothing and emollient properties for hair and scalp. • Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5): The Pro-Vitamin B5 plays a key role in the human intermediary metabolism. It is part of the coenzyme A, that participates in the growth and the pigmentation of the hair. Protecting the hair it gently improves its appearance and structure. • Benzophenone-3: Sun filter. Good UV-A and UV-B absorption.