Sun Bleach

250 ml. + 500 ml.
REF. 08.10.0
Hair sunbath.

SUN BLEACH is a sun bath lightening effect for hair with a lightening capacity up to 2 tones on natural hair. The formula incorporates ingredients with a great hair affinity to develop a synergistic action of the dye, to strengthen and to intensify reflexes. Thanks to the mixture’s controlled pH and the content of conditioning agents we can reach a delicate bleaching action, leaving the hair blazing, soft and workable.


Hair solar effect with a bleaching capacity up to 2 tones.


• Aloe Barbadensis Extract: moisturizing deep natural action that softens and adds shine to hair. • Shea Butter: natural active emollient and moisturizing action. • Hydrogen Peroxide: bleaching function of hair melanin. • Ethanolamine & Ammonia: provide the necessary alkaline pH for clarification, favours the cuticle opening and helps to bleach hair melanin.