Volume Shampoo

100 ml. - 300 ml. - 1000 ml.
REF. 00.22.6 / 00.22.0 / 00.22.2
Voluminizing Shampoo

Shampoo for fine hair. Cleans gently and does not weigh hair down. Regenerates and strengthens the capillary fiber. Hair looks thicker and bouncier with more body and volume.


Thicker loose hair with more vitality and volume.


• Gentle and deep action Surfactants which remove the dirtiness and grease which make hair flat and limp. • Hydrolyzed Keratin and Almond Proteins: Nourishing and emollient hair agents. • Panthenol: Film agent which protects and nourishes the capillary fiber. • Orange Extract: Nourishing and antioxidant agent. Protects the capillary fiber leaving the hair shinier and bouncier.